The solitude and freedom of working from home have their perks, but they also come with challenges, particularly to mental health. The blend of isolation and the endless overlap of work and personal time have nudged me towards seeking a change. An external office promises a refreshing shift—offering a space where professional challenges stay, allowing my home to reclaim its role as a haven for relaxation and personal pursuits.

The self-employed lifestyle demands a high level of self-discipline, and while I’ve managed to navigate this, I’ve found myself missing the inherent structure that an external workspace offers. The simple rituals of preparing for work, commuting, and transitioning to a dedicated work environment help to mentally signal the start and end of the workday. This structure is not just about productivity; it’s about crafting a day that allocates space for focused work and genuine downtime.

The allure of an external office lies not just in the physical space it provides, but in the psychological boundary it reinstates between work and home life. This separation is vital for me as a self-employed individual, ensuring that my living space is no longer a constant reminder of ongoing projects or unanswered emails. It’s about creating an environment where work can thrive in its own right, without encroaching on the sanctity of personal space and time.

On a lighter note, there’s one aspect of moving back into an office that I can’t help but joke about: the internet upgrade. Transitioning from the whims of satellite internet to the blazing speeds of fibre-optic is like swapping a bicycle for a sports car. I’m half-convinced that this alone will skyrocket my productivity (or at least significantly cut down on those coffee breaks spent waiting for files to upload). So, here’s to faster internet and the countless other benefits that this move promises!

This journey back to an external office is a testament to the evolving needs of the self-employed lifestyle. It’s a move inspired by the pursuit of a healthier work-life balance, a more structured daily routine, and, let’s not forget, significantly better internet speeds. As I make this transition, I’m reminded that the essence of self-employment is the ability to adapt—to shift gears in pursuit of what best serves our work and personal well-being. So, here’s to new beginnings, may they be as swift and reliable as my soon-to-be internet connection.