Simplifying Web Development & Branding for Small Businesses.

Michael is a versatile web developer and branding expert whose comprehensive skill set also encompasses photography, graphic design, and a broad spectrum of content creation services.

He specializes in transforming the online presence of small businesses, seamlessly marrying their unique brand values with cutting-edge digital solutions.

Michael’s methodical approach involves not just the development of visually captivating and functional websites but also empowering his clients with the knowledge to manage their platforms confidently.

This combination of creativity, technical expertise, and an unwavering dedication to client success has cemented Michael’s reputation as a valuable asset to any small business looking to enhance its digital footprint and achieve lasting success in the competitive online landscape.

"Micheal has truly proven to be an excellent partner to work with. He's undertaken a remarkable transformation of my brand and website, all while staying true to my core values - a feat that's not easy to achieve. A fellow Meetup organizer highly recommended him, and after our initial conversation, it became clear why he comes so highly regarded. His reputation for delivering top-tier quality is well-earned and most of his clients actually come through referrals. I can confidently attribute a significant portion of my business's current success to Micheal's expertise. Before bringing him on board, I was single-handedly managing my website on GoDaddy. However, Micheal took charge and orchestrated a comprehensive rebranding for TPWM, complete with a fresh logo, and seamlessly transitioned me to SquareSpace. The remarkable part is that he also took the time to educate me on using SquareSpace, giving me the autonomy to manage and make adjustments to my website as needed. In every step of the website's design, I continue to maintain an ongoing partnership with Micheal. His involvement remains integral in translating my ideas and offerings into a captivating digital platform. Undoubtedly, Micheal's contributions have played a pivotal role in propelling my business to its present success."

— Christine Fernades, Toronto Professional Women’s Meetup

"I’m so glad I was referred to Michael when I was looking for a freelancer that did both web & brand development. So many people I spoke with were so expensive or felt sketchy. I had been putting off this work for 2 years! He has been so generous with his time and effort to work on my brand and website. He’s also super personable and extremely supportive! He makes you feel comfortable and even helps cheer you up when you need a boost (it happens when you are an entrepreneur!). He always goes above and beyond. He’s also an amazing photographer and gets perfect shots every time… without editing or multiple takes. I’d recommend Michael over and over again! In fact, we’re working on my next website & brand already! Thank you Michael for your creativity and hardwork – and believing in me & my business!"

— Andrea Lo, Toronto Dating Hub

"Michael was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. He made my vision a reality and didn’t flinch when I requested changes. Any ask was met with “I can do that no problem!!” and the final product was exactly what I wanted. Launching a business was stressful, but Michael made it so that my website and branding came together flawlessly. I’m so grateful for Michael’s creativity and accessibility; highly recommend!!"

— Katelyn Duncan, Suspend This

"I’m blown away with the work Michael has done for me! Not only am I impressed with the interface, he contributed many great ideas of his own and was always enthusiastic about my (many) edits. Not only a talented creative, but also a fantastic person to work with. Thank you so much Michael!"

— Lara Anderson, Tattoo Artist

"Having the experience of working with Michael over the past years has been nothing short of life-saving. No matter the issue, Michael is always ready to tackle it with cool and calmness, which is something I’ve come to appreciate so much, along with his reliability in finishing the job. Highly recommend Michael for anyone looking for a fun & professional individual!"

— Lee Solo, Director & Videographer

"I recently worked with Michael to develop a website for my farm. Because I would like to be able to update my website, there was a substantial training component. Michael was completely customer-focused and walked with me step-by-step throughout the entire process. I never would have taken the step to create a website without Michael’s help. He is knowledgeable and he knows how to make everything fit together and look just right. He has a great eye for detail. I am so pleased with the final product and with the service that Michael provided!"

— Melanie MacFarlane, Sweet Spot Farm