Is your brand in need of a quick yet impactful refresh? At Michael Broley Development, we specialize in one-day brand transformations that breathe new life into your business.

Our expert team will work closely with you to update your visual identity, ensuring your brand stands out and resonates with your target audience. Experience the power of a revitalized brand in just one day!

This is a promotion for businesses on the South Shore of Nova Scotia within 50km of our Mahone Bay based studio. ***

☑ Updated Branding

We will refresh your logo (redesign, vectorize, tweak, whatever!) and set you up with some brand guidelines around colors & fonts. This is the foundation for all of our work ensuring a consistent look and feel across everything we will do!

☑ Custom Photography

Professional on-site photography to capture your business at its best. Staff, products, drone, whatever we need to tell your story!

☑ Website Overhaul

Build or revamp your website into a sleek, single-page site. *

☑ E-Mail List Setup

Set your business up to start an email list (HubSpot, Klaviyo or MailChimp) to keep your customers engaged as well as build out your introduction journey. **

☑ Canva Templates

Custom-designed Canva templates for your social media marketing – minimum 10 templates.

One Day Brand Refresh


You will receive:

- Updated / refreshed brand & brand guidelines.
- A cohesive set of photographs to use to promote your company.
- Complete website overhaul or custom single-page website.
- E-mail marketing set up.
- Minimum 10 canva templates.


One Day Brand Refresh with E-Commerce


You will receive:

- Everything in the first package.
- Product photography for up to 10 products.
- Custom E-Commerce store.


Why choose Michael Broley Development?

“Mike is an exceptional find. Once you discover him, you’ll realize you never want to part ways. Over the past couple of years, I’ve collaborated with Mike on numerous projects, and he consistently delivers on time, surpassing my expectations. His talent spans across various domains, but what sets him apart is his genuine concern for the customer.

Countless times, I’ve engaged him for one task, only for him to offer valuable insights and assistance in other areas. Mike is a true gem who commits fully to supporting you.

Thank you, Mike, for your outstanding work!”

– Chris Clare, Owner, My Sticky Little Secret

“We had a great experience working with Michael. Our journey to a new and improved website was guided closely by his insight into what our target client base might want to know about our story and how they could best come to appreciate our purpose.

More than just a web developer, Michael was patient with our iterations through trial and error. Acting as designer, developer and quality controller, he helped us to visualize our story in a meaningful way, and took the lead on heavy lifting to get us over the finish line in time for a major deadline.

– Danielle Comeau, Founder, Wesben Global Ltd.

Micheal has truly proven to be an excellent partner to work with. He’s undertaken a remarkable transformation of my brand and website, all while staying true to my core values – a feat that’s not easy to achieve.

A fellow Meetup organizer highly recommended him, and after our initial conversation, it became clear why he comes so highly regarded. His reputation for delivering top-tier quality is well-earned and most of his clients actually come through referrals.

I can confidently attribute a significant portion of my business’s current success to Micheal’s expertise. Before bringing him on board, I was single-handedly managing my website on GoDaddy. However, Micheal took charge and orchestrated a comprehensive rebranding for TPWM, complete with a fresh logo, and seamlessly transitioned me to SquareSpace.

“The remarkable part is that he also took the time to educate me on using SquareSpace, giving me the autonomy to manage and make adjustments to my website as needed. In every step of the website’s design, I continue to maintain an ongoing partnership with Micheal. His involvement remains integral in translating my ideas and offerings into a captivating digital platform.

Undoubtedly, Micheal’s contributions have played a pivotal role in propelling my business to its present success

– Christine Fernandes, CEO, Professional Women’s Meetup

Frequently Asked Questions

While we are on-site at your location for one day, our process starts as soon as you secure your date. We begin by analyzing your existing business and planning our visit.

After the on-site visit, we will need additional time to complete the project. Typically, it takes about two weeks from the date of our visit to finalize everything and deliver the results to you.

To secure your date, we require a $250 deposit. You will receive an invoice for the remaining balance, which must be paid before the day of the refresh. Payments can be made by credit card or e-transfer.


Pick a day and secure your One Day Brand Refresh now!


* Hosting costs are not included. Single page websites can be hosted for as little as $12/mo. E-commerce sites would require a hosting subscription to Squarespace, Wix or Square – as well as ether Stripe or Square for payment processing.

** E-mail marketing tools have free versions, but any additional costs will be your responsibility.

*** Travel beyond 50km may be declined or require additional fee. This promotion is not applicable to businesses not registered in Nova Scotia.