Designing Elegance Online: The Digital Transformation of Details Event & Design Studio

Shanna Jourdrey, the visionary entrepreneur behind Details Event & Design Studio, had successfully cultivated a renowned wedding and event planning business without a website. Hindered by past experiences with web developers, Shanna was initially hesitant to venture online. However, her encounter with Michael marked the beginning of a new chapter, instilling confidence in the digital expansion of her brand.

Bridging Vision and Reality

Transformed Shanna Jourdrey's vision into a digital masterpiece using Squarespace, encapsulating the elegance and experience of her event planning services.


Innovative Online Expansion

Initiated the digital cataloging of hundreds of rental items through extensive photo shoots, enhancing customer experience with instant quotes and streamlining business scalability.


Understanding Shanna’s apprehension and unique vision, Michael embarked on a journey to create not just a website but a digital embodiment of Details Event & Design Studio’s essence. Utilizing Squarespace for its flexibility and aesthetic appeal, Michael meticulously crafted a site that reflected the sophistication and depth of Shanna’s brand. The website was designed to showcase her services, experience, and the subtle elegance that defines her approach to event planning.

Moving beyond the initial launch, the project’s second phase aimed to bring Shanna’s extensive inventory of rental items online. This ambitious endeavor involved organizing 10 photo shoots to capture the beauty and variety of several hundred items. Each piece was carefully cataloged on the website, providing potential clients with the ability to browse selections and receive instant quotes, thereby enhancing the customer experience and setting the stage for future growth.


The launch of the Details Event & Design Studio website marked a significant milestone in the brand’s evolution, offering a digital storefront that mirrors the elegance and professionalism Shanna brings to every event. The addition of an online catalog for rental items not only improved operational efficiency but also expanded the business’s reach, allowing for greater scalability and accessibility.


Michael’s collaboration with Shanna Jourdrey and Details Event & Design Studio exemplifies the transformative power of empathy, expertise, and innovation in web development and digital branding. By translating Shanna’s vision into a digital format, Michael not only revitalized her online presence but also positioned Details Event & Design Studio for unprecedented growth. This case study underscores the potential of digital tools to extend the reach and impact of businesses, paving the way for new opportunities in the digital age.