Unveiling Excellence: Sculpting My Sticky Little Secret’s Digital and Brand Persona

My Sticky Little Secret, envisioned by Ms. Rosh Posh—a YouTuber with over a million followers—aimed to transcend the boundaries of wig care in the beauty industry. However, the realization of this vision demanded a digital and brand strategy that matched its founder’s ambition and market potential. Michael was entrusted with this mission, tasked to encapsulate the essence of My Sticky Little Secret into a cohesive brand and robust digital ecosystem.

Holistic Brand Creation

From conceptualizing a distinctive logo to setting comprehensive brand guidelines, laid the foundation for My Sticky Little Secret’s visual identity, resonating with its target audience.

E-Commerce & Marketing Symphony

Developed a Shopify website, orchestrated a nuanced email marketing program via Klaviyo, and initiated an affiliate program, driving brand engagement and sales.


The journey began with the crafting of a logo and brand guidelines that echoed the brand’s core values: trust, quality, and innovation in wig care. This visual identity served as the cornerstone for all subsequent branding efforts, ensuring consistency and recognition across all customer touchpoints.

Packaging design for the launch products was next, where Michael’s expertise brought the brand’s aesthetic to tangible form, enhancing the unboxing experience and reinforcing brand loyalty.

The creation of an e-commerce website on Shopify was pivotal. It was designed to not only showcase products but also to educate and engage customers, reinforcing the brand’s authority in wig care. The website served as a central hub for My Sticky Little Secret’s narrative, products, and community.

In parallel, Michael developed a comprehensive email marketing strategy using Klaviyo, tailored to cover all stages of the customer journey—from acquisition to retention. This included crafting campaigns for product reviews, sales cycles, and custom messaging, ensuring a personalized and cohesive brand experience.

The affiliate program and strategic email campaigns were instrumental in expanding reach and fostering community among wig care enthusiasts and professionals alike. Additionally, Michael’s role extended to designing social media posts, consulting on strategy, and customer service enhancements, ensuring a unified brand voice and exceptional customer engagement.


The strategic interventions across branding, digital marketing, and e-commerce development transformed My Sticky Little Secret from a concept into a formidable online presence. The brand now enjoys increased visibility, engagement, and sales, leveraging its founder’s influence and the digital infrastructure built by Michael. The comprehensive approach has not only solidified My Sticky Little Secret’s market position but also set a new standard in the beauty and wig care industry.


Michael’s work with My Sticky Little Secret stands as a testament to the power of integrated brand and digital strategy. By meticulously crafting the brand’s identity, online presence, and marketing framework, Michael has enabled My Sticky Little Secret to unlock its full potential, turning Ms. Rosh Posh’s vision into a thriving reality. This case study exemplifies the transformative impact of strategic foresight, creative excellence, and digital acumen in launching and scaling a brand in the digital age.

"Mike is an exceptional find. Once you discover him, you'll realize you never want to part ways. Over the past couple of years, I've collaborated with Mike on numerous projects, and he consistently delivers on time, surpassing my expectations. His talent spans across various domains, but what sets him apart is his genuine concern for the customer. Countless times, I've engaged him for one task, only for him to offer valuable insights and assistance in other areas. Mike is a true gem who commits fully to supporting you. Thank you, Mike, for your outstanding work!"

— Chris Clare, Founder, My Sticky Little Secret