Harmonizing Digital Presence: Third Space Retreats' Journey to Online Enlightenment

Third Space Retreats, known for their local yoga classes in Mahone Bay, primarily utilized community bulletin boards for advertising. Recognizing the need to expand their reach and modernize their marketing, they enlisted my services to create a cohesive brand identity and develop an online platform.

Brand Identity Creation

Designed a new logo and brand identity that encapsulates the tranquility and holistic wellness of Third Space Retreats.

Website Development

Launched a user-friendly website where they can update and advertise their yoga classes and retreats, enhancing their digital visibility and accessibility.


The project began with the development of a new logo and branding that reflects the serene and nurturing ethos of Third Space Retreats. The design utilized calming colors and organic shapes to invoke a sense of peace and rejuvenation. Following the branding overhaul, a dynamic website was built on a platform that allows easy updates and management by the Third Space team. This site was designed to not only showcase their offerings but also to facilitate easy interaction with potential and existing clients.


The new website has significantly enhanced Third Space Retreats’ online presence, allowing them to reach a wider audience beyond Mahone Bay. The site features an intuitive interface where users can learn about upcoming classes and retreats, register online, and connect with the community. This digital transformation has resulted in an increase in class sign-ups and has strengthened their market presence.


The collaboration with Third Space Retreats highlights the transformative power of integrating a thoughtful digital strategy with traditional business operations. By moving from local bulletin boards to a vibrant online platform, they have not only preserved their intimate community feel but have also embraced broader possibilities for growth and engagement.