Empowering Connections: Rebranding and Digitizing Toronto Professional Women's Meetup

Christine, at the helm of Toronto Professional Women’s Meetup in 2023, sought to elevate the organization’s profile to attract a more specific audience for her women’s networking events. With a successful track record in self-managing the Meetup’s online presence, Christine aimed for a strategic rebrand and digital expansion. Michael was entrusted with this mission, setting the stage for a transformative collaboration.

Strategic Brand Development

Developed a new brand identity, including logo and brand guidelines, to align with the Meetup’s mission of attracting a specific clientele for women's networking events.

Digital Platform Enhancements

Launched a comprehensive website to promote events and services, along with custom social media templates and a podcast series, broadening the scope of engagement.


Michael initiated the project by crafting a new brand identity that resonated with the Meetup’s core mission and appealed to the targeted clientele. This involved designing a fresh logo and establishing comprehensive brand guidelines to ensure consistency across all digital and physical touchpoints.

To showcase the Meetup’s events and value-added services like coaching, photography, and personal shopping, Michael implemented a dynamic website. He also designed custom templates in Canva for Christine to use for social media promotions, ensuring each post aligned with the new brand identity.

Further enriching the Meetup’s digital content, Michael edited and produced three seasons of a podcast, offering valuable insights and stories to empower professional women. Ongoing email marketing support, including the setup of custom journeys, and other technical assistance, were provided to streamline operations and enhance member engagement.


The rebranding and digital enhancements have significantly raised the Toronto Professional Women’s Meetup’s profile, facilitating a wider reach and deeper engagement with the intended audience. The Meetup now boasts a cohesive online presence that effectively communicates its value and mission, supported by a range of digital tools and content designed to foster connections among professional women.


The partnership between Christine and Michael has propelled the Toronto Professional Women’s Meetup into a new era of growth and community engagement. Through strategic branding, website development, and digital marketing, the Meetup has not only expanded its reach but also enriched its offerings, establishing itself as a key resource for professional women in Toronto.