Strategic Reinvention: Wesben Global's Website Transformation for a Sustainable Future

Wesben Global operates at the intersection of sustainability and the mining, energy, and natural resources sectors, offering a range of advisory and project support services. Following an organizational restructuring and a refined vision, the company sought to overhaul its website to better reflect its evolved focus and values. The project aimed not only to update the digital presence in line with the existing brand guidelines but also to infuse the owner’s personal aesthetic, creating a unique and inviting online space.

Brand-Centric Website Update

Seamlessly integrated with existing brand guidelines to update the Wesben Global website, aligning with organizational changes and a new vision for sustainability in the mining, energy, and natural resources sectors.

Bespoke Design Meets Professional Excellence

Delivered a custom WordPress site that elegantly marries Wesben Global's professional services with a bespoke design tailored to the owner’s personal preferences, establishing a new benchmark for corporate website aesthetics.


Understanding the dual objective of adhering to the professional and sector-specific brand identity while also capturing the owner’s unique style, Michael undertook the development of a custom WordPress website. This process involved a deep dive into Wesben Global’s service offerings, target clientele, and the owner’s personal design preferences.

The design strategy balanced the need for a professional, informative platform that highlights Wesben Global’s expertise and services with the desire for a softer, more feminine touch that resonated with the owner. This approach required meticulous planning and execution to ensure the final product not only served as a comprehensive resource for clients and partners but also as a reflection of the owner’s vision and style.


The revamped Wesben Global website stands as a testament to successful brand alignment and personalized web design. The site effectively showcases the company’s breadth of services, commitment to sustainability, and industry expertise, all while embodying a distinctive aesthetic appeal that sets it apart in its field. This transformation has enhanced Wesben Global’s online presence, better engaging clients and stakeholders while aligning closely with the company’s strategic direction and the owner’s personal style.


The collaboration between Wesben Global and Michael has redefined what it means to blend professional service presentation with personal aesthetic preferences in web design. By creating a space that accurately represents Wesben Global’s mission and services, alongside the owner’s specific design desires, the project highlights the power of customized web solutions in achieving business objectives and personal expression. This case study underscores the importance of a tailored approach to digital branding and the impact of thoughtful design on company identity and client engagement.