[Mahone Bay, NS] – Michael Broley Development, a leader in innovative web development and branding solutions, today announced a vibrant evolution of its brand identity with the introduction of a new brand color: Faded Pink, codenamed #FFADED. This refreshing update marks a significant pivot from the company’s signature hot pink, a homage to its Barbie-inspired roots, towards a lighter, more subdued hue that represents the company’s growth…. and the widespread adoption of pink in 2024.

“Over the years, our original hot pink has been a symbol of our bold, youthful approach to digital solutions. However, as we’ve evolved, so has our vision. Our new shade, #FFADED, is not just a color—it’s a statement. It signifies a matured palette while retaining our playful heart,” said Michael Broley, Founder of Michael Broley Development.

The choice of #FFADED is a nod to staying young at heart and embracing a relaxed, joyful approach to business and creativity. The term “faded,” often associated with being under the influence of cannabis and characterized by a noticeable change in behavior or appearance, humorously reflects the company’s transition to a lighter pink shade. “It’s about softening the edges while fully embracing the dynamic and transformative nature of the digital world,” Broley added. “And yes, we’re in on the joke. Let’s get faded!”

This brand evolution comes at a pivotal moment for Michael Broley Development as it continues to expand its offerings beyond traditional web development and branding into comprehensive digital strategy, including content creation, e-commerce development, and AI-driven solutions. The new pink #FFADED symbolizes a broader perspective, reflecting the company’s adaptability and commitment to staying ahead of digital trends.

“Change is constant in the digital landscape, and our brand refresh with #FFADED is a bold step forward. It’s lighter, it’s fresh, and it perfectly captures our ethos of innovation, youthfulness, and a slightly cheeky sense of humor,” stated Broley.

Clients, partners, and fans of Michael Broley Development can expect to see the new #FFADED brand color rolling out across all platforms, marketing materials, and digital presences in the coming weeks. This rebranding effort underscores the company’s dedication to evolving with the times while staying true to its core values of creativity, technical expertise, and empowering small businesses.

About Michael Broley Development

Michael Broley Development is a cutting-edge web development and branding firm that specializes in transforming the online presence of small businesses. With a comprehensive suite of services that marry unique brand values with the latest digital solutions, Michael Broley Development is committed to crafting visually captivating and functional websites, empowering clients with the tools for success in the competitive digital landscape.