Simply said I help bring businesses to life.

Bringing an idea from 0 to 1 takes preparation, hard work and consistency. I'm here to help with building your systems & websites, creating eye catching content and developing your brand into your vision. Leaving my corporate job was the best decision I ever made... let's make it your best decision too!

I understand what it takes to succeed and am here to help you do it! I'd be happy to have a virtual coffee and discuss your idea any time.



The What.

Michael Broley is a full-stack web developer, content creator & sales professional. He builds awesome websites that are mobile friendly, comply with accessibility standards and focus on driving specific business goals!

The Where.

He spent over 15 years managing and it’s subsidiaries websites before taking on sales roles at Salesforce and Xerox. He has been providing web development & content creation services for over 6 years.

The Why.

Michael resides in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia where he is a mental health advocate, proud puppy papa, loves bird watching, and writing terrible poetry.

Clients & friends

I've been blessed to work with amazing clients

Toronto Dating Hub
Toronto Dating Hub
Mahone Bay Chamber of Commerce
Suspend This
Details Event Studio

“I’m so glad I was referred to Michael when I was looking for a freelancer that did both web & brand development. So many people I spoke with were so expensive or felt sketchy. I had been putting off this work for 2 years! He has been so generous with his time and effort to work on my brand and website. He’s also super personable and extremely supportive! He makes you feel comfortable and even helps cheer you up when you need a boost (it happens when you are an entrepreneur!).

He always goes above and beyond. He’s also an amazing photographer and gets perfect shots every time… without editing or multiple takes. I’d recommend Michael over and over again! In fact, we’re working on my next website & brand already! Thank you Michael for your creativity and hardwork – and believing in me & my business!"

Andrea Lo

Founder, Toronto Dating Hub

"Michael was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. He made my vision a reality and didn’t flinch when I requested changes. Any ask was met with “I can do that no problem!!” and the final product was exactly what I wanted. Launching a business was stressful, but Michael made it so that my website and branding came together flawlessly. I’m so grateful for Michael’s creativity and accessibility; highly recommend!!"

Katelyn Whitney

Founder, Suspend This

"I’m blown away with the work Michael has done for me! Not only am I impressed with the interface, he contributed many great ideas of his own and was always enthusiastic about my (many) edits. Not only a talented creative, but also a fantastic person to work with. Thank you so much Michael!"

Lara Anderson

Tattoo & Visual Artist

"Having the experience of working with Michael over the past years has been nothing short of life-saving. No matter the issue, Michael is always ready to tackle it with cool and calmness, which is something I’ve come to appreciate so much, along with his reliability in finishing the job. Highly recommend Michael for anyone looking for a fun & professional individual!"

Lee Solo

Director / Videographer

"You are a rockstar!"

Chantal Nelson-Hewitt

Running for City Council

"You are professional, very talented and quick. Which we love!"

Chris Clare

My Sticky Little Secretl