Michael Broley Development Opens Studio for Professional Headshots - Bookings Available Starting February 26th

[Mahone Bay, NS] – Michael Broley Development is thrilled to announce the opening of our studio for professional headshot photography, starting Monday, February 26th. Located in the heart of Mahone Bay at Unit 4, 249 Edgewater Street, our studio is set to provide top-tier photography services tailored to professionals, creatives, and anyone looking to elevate their personal or professional brand with high-quality headshots.

Understanding the importance of a great first impression, our headshot photography service is designed to capture the unique essence and professionalism of each individual. With over 20 years of experience in branding and web development, and a renewed focus on photography, we are excited to offer this specialized service to our clients.

Special Offer: Save the Tax on Early Bookings To celebrate the launch of our headshot photography services, we’re offering an exclusive deal for early birds. Book and pay for your session through our website at https://mvchael.com/photography/ and save the tax on your purchase. This offer is a fantastic opportunity to secure a professional headshot at a great value. The cost for the session is $225.

Why Choose Us?

  • Expertise: With decades of experience in branding, web development, and photography, we bring a nuanced understanding of personal branding that sets our headshot service apart.
  • Quality: Our studio is equipped with state-of-the-art photography equipment to ensure your headshots are of the highest quality.
  • Convenience: Easy online booking and payment through our website streamline the process, making it hassle-free for our clients.
  • Fast Turn Around: With decades of experience comes a workflow that excels. We will have a preview from your shoot withing 24 hours and your complete shoot done with 72 hours.

Booking Information To schedule your professional headshot session, please visit our website at https://mvchael.com/photography/. We recommend booking early to secure your preferred date and take advantage of our tax-saving offer.

Location Michael Broley Development is located at Unit 4, 249 Edgewater Street Mahone Bay. Parking is available behind Rebecca’s at the studio entrance.

We look forward to capturing your professional image with a headshot that conveys confidence, professionalism, and personality. For further inquiries, please e-mail Michael here.

Michael Broley Development Announces New Studio Location in Mahone Bay

[Mahone Bay, NS] – Michael Broley Development, an established expert in branding and web development with over 20 years of experience, is excited to announce the grand opening of their new studio located in downtown Mahone Bay. This move marks a significant milestone for the company, as it transitions from a remote working model back to a physical studio space for the first time since 2020.

The shift to a dedicated studio is not just a change of scenery. It represents a reinvigoration of Michael Broley's passion for photography, an integral part of the creative services offered by the company for over a decade. The new studio is fully equipped for both headshot and product photography, bringing back these highly sought-after services that were paused during the work-from-home period.

Michael Broley, the founder and creative director behind Michael Broley Development, expressed enthusiasm about the move: "Transitioning back to a studio environment is a thrilling prospect. Not only will it enhance our branding and web development projects, but it also allows me to reignite my passion for photography. The studio at Edgewater Street is designed to foster creativity and collaboration, and I am eager to explore the new possibilities it opens up for our clients."

Clients old and new can expect the same high-quality service that has been a hallmark of Michael Broley Development, now enhanced by the capabilities of the new studio. The space is not just a workplace; it's a creative hub where ideas can flourish and be transformed into visual realities.

The studio's location will be announced soon and is more than just a new address for Michael Broley Development. It symbolizes a renewed commitment to excellence and innovation in both digital and photographic arts. With this expansion, Michael Broley Development is poised to set new standards in branding, web development, and photography. The studio will be announcing a grand opening soon for the end of February 2024.

For more information about Michael Broley Development and the services offered, please visit mvchael.com.


Michael Broley Development's Owner Appointed Vice Chair Of Mahone Bay Tourism & Chamber Of Commerce


[Mahone Bay, NS] — Michael Broley, the founder and owner of Michael Broley Development, a leading web development and branding consultancy with over 20 years of industry experience, is pleased to announce his appointment as Vice Chair of the Mahone Bay Tourism & Chamber of Commerce. This prestigious role allows Mr. Broley to contribute to the growth and prosperity of Mahone Bay while continuing to provide innovative digital solutions to his clients.

Michael Broley Development has long been recognized for its commitment to delivering exceptional web development and branding services. With a track record of success and a dedication to helping businesses establish a strong online presence, Michael Broley has earned a reputation as a visionary in the digital marketing and branding field.

In his new role as Vice Chair of Mahone Bay Tourism & Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Broley will apply his extensive knowledge and expertise to advance the economic interests of Mahone Bay. His role includes collaborating with local businesses, community stakeholders, and residents to enhance the town's visibility and economic vitality.

"It is both an honor and a privilege to be appointed as Vice Chair of Mahone Bay Tourism & Chamber of Commerce," said Michael Broley. "I am excited to leverage my experience to support the growth and success of local businesses and promote the beauty and charm of Mahone Bay to a broader audience."

With Michael Broley at the helm, Mahone Bay Tourism & Chamber of Commerce is poised to embark on innovative initiatives aimed at boosting local commerce, attracting tourists, and fostering community development. His appointment signifies a positive step forward in the mission to enhance the Mahone Bay region's economic prospects.

For more information about Michael Broley Development, please visit mvchael.com.

About Michael Broley Development:
Michael Broley Development is a renowned web development and branding consultancy with a distinguished history of providing cutting-edge solutions to clients across diverse industries. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and a passion for creativity, Michael Broley Development empowers businesses to establish a compelling online presence and cultivate a distinctive brand identity.

Mahone Bay Tourism & Chamber Of Commerce Unveils New Brand Identity


Mahone Bay, NS — January 15, 2023

Mahone Bay Tourism & Chamber of Commerce proudly announces the launch of its new brand identity, symbolizing a vibrant step forward while honoring the rich heritage of our beloved town. This rebranding initiative reflects our ongoing commitment to fostering community spirit and promoting the unique charm of Mahone Bay.

A Nod to the Past, A Leap into the Future

The new logo, developed through months of dedicated work by a committed committee, seamlessly blends tradition with innovation. While the iconic imagery of Mahone Bay's churches continues to be a focal point, the design introduces elements of the Nova Scotia flag, symbolizing our deep-rooted connection to the province and its values as well as the sun to play nod to the beauty in our environment.

This rebranding decision came after the original logo, long shared with the town, was reacquired by the town. The new logo represents not just a visual change but a strategic move to distinguish the identities of the Chamber and the town, fostering a unique brand presence in the hearts and minds of residents and visitors alike.

Engaging Community and Beyond

"The new brand identity is more than just a logo; it's a reflection of our collective vision for Mahone Bay's future," said Michael Broley, Board Member, Mahone Bay Tourism & Chamber of Commerce. "We're excited to unveil a symbol that captures both our heritage and our forward-looking aspirations. It's a logo that belongs to the entire community."

About Mahone Bay Tourism & Chamber of Commerce

Mahone Bay Tourism & Chamber of Commerce has been a cornerstone of the Mahone Bay community, dedicated to promoting the town's unique attractions, supporting local businesses, and fostering a sense of community pride. Our mission is to showcase the beauty and vibrancy of Mahone Bay to the world.

For more information about Mahone Bay Tourism & Chamber of Commerce and our new branding, please visit mahonebay.com or contact newsletter@mahonebay.com.


Myra Media Announces Partnership With Michael Broley Development


[Mahone Bay, NS] – Myra Media, a leader in creative digital solutions, is thrilled to announce its recent partnership with Michael Broley Development, a renowned web development and design firm based in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone in Myra Media’s expansion, bringing on board the exceptional talent of Michael Broley, a seasoned web developer, graphic designer, and photographer.

Michael Broley, known for his comprehensive technical skills and creative flair, has a distinguished career that spans over two decades. His journey began in 1994 with a groundbreaking website for ballhockey.com and has since evolved, leading him to work with some of Canada’s top employers. In 2016, Michael chose to focus solely on his creative pursuits, launching “Thru Mike’s Lens” and collaborating with notable brands across Canada. His commitment to excellence in web design and digital media aligns perfectly with Myra Media’s vision, making this acquisition a natural fit.

“Myra Media is excited to welcome Michael to our team. His expertise in crafting market-ready digital solutions for small businesses, combined with his innovative approach, makes him an invaluable asset to our company. This acquisition not only enhances our service offerings but also strengthens our position in the market,” said Roger Mader, Principal + Creative, Myra Media. “We are committed to delivering exceptional results to our clients, and with Michael’s skills, we are more equipped than ever to achieve this goal.”

For more information about Myra Media and our services, please visit www.myramedia.com.

About Myra Media: Myra Media is a dynamic digital media company specializing in creating impactful customer experiences, public relations, and event planning. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Myra Media has established itself as a leader in the digital media industry.

Michael Broley Development Relocates And Reopens In Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia

After taking some personal time during the Covid 19 pandemic Michael Broley Development is excited to again open up to new clients starting in September 2021. He has moved his studio from downtown Toronto to picturesque Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia.

This reopening comes with new branding; dropping his previous online moniker Thru Mike's Lens

Recent projects include launching new websites for Suspend This Inc., Homes From The Ground Up, @Lar.uh and Yes Honey Proposals.

Who is Michael Broley (MVCHAEL)?

Michael Broley is a freelance creative, full-stack web developer & sales professional. He builds awesome websites that are mobile friendly, comply with accessibility standards and focus on driving specific business goals!

Michael spent the past 15 years in a variety of sales & marketing roles for companies like Salesforce, Xerox & ballhockey.com while also freelancing part-time for a wide range of exciting clients. All of these roles challenged him to provide world class customer experiences and to consistently produce & exceed revenue goals! This is where he was able to shape his storytelling skills through a variety of creative initiatives that he spearheaded.

An avid photographer, Michael has been providing services professionally for over 6 years. This has given him the opportunity to work with brands such as Cineplex Entertainment, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Amber Walker Events, 420 Cannabis Court, and creatives like Simu Liu (Marvel Superhero), Jessica Tyler (Degrassi Alum), Lara Anderson (Tattoo Artist) and Mike Rita (Comedian)!

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