Building a Digital Foundation: Launching Axiom Mortgage Barrie into the Future.

In 2023, Axiom Mortgage Barrie embarked on a journey to redefine their presence in the competitive mortgage brokerage sector. Recognizing the pivotal role of a digital platform in today’s market, they sought the expertise of Michael, a seasoned web developer and branding specialist. The mission was twofold: develop a website that serves as a primary funnel for generating new leads, and design business cards that echo the firm’s corporate identity.

Custom Web Development

Tailored a visually appealing and highly functional website that resonates with Axiom Mortgage Barrie's brand values and business goals, providing a seamless user experience for their clients.


Graphic Design

Developed a cohesive branding strategy that included the creation of professional business cards, aligning with their digital presence and enhancing brand recognition in the competitive mortgage brokerage sector.


Michael’s method started with an in-depth consultation to understand Axiom Mortgage Barrie’s brand values, target audience, and the nuanced dynamics of the mortgage brokerage industry. Leveraging Squarespace’s versatile platform, he designed a website that is not only aesthetically appealing but also highly functional, ensuring a seamless user experience from landing page to lead conversion. The website’s architecture was meticulously planned to guide visitors through a curated journey, ending in a compelling call-to-action designed to convert interest into tangible leads.

Parallel to the digital efforts, Michael undertook the design of business cards that would serve as a physical extension of Axiom Mortgage Barrie’s brand. Adhering strictly to their corporate branding guidelines, he created a design that is both modern and professional, ensuring that every team member carries a piece of the brand’s identity in their pocket.


The collaboration with Michael resulted in a cohesive brand experience for Axiom Mortgage Barrie, effectively bridging the gap between their digital and physical presence. The new website became a cornerstone of their marketing strategy, significantly increasing lead generation and engagement rates. Meanwhile, the business cards have reinforced the company’s professional image, making every in-person interaction a branding opportunity.


By harmonizing Axiom Mortgage Barrie’s online presence with their physical branding materials, Michael has not only enhanced their visibility in the Barrie area but has also equipped them with the tools to thrive in the digital age. This case study exemplifies Michael’s commitment to simplifying web development and branding for small businesses, delivering solutions that drive success and foster long-term growth.