Leveling Up: Beardy White Boy's Journey from Streamer to Brand Icon

As the gaming and streaming industry burgeons, distinguishing oneself becomes paramount. Beardy White Boy, a dynamic Fortnite streamer, recognized the need for a comprehensive brand identity to elevate his online presence. Michael’s expertise was enlisted to not only overhaul Beardy White Boy’s visual identity but also enhance his content quality on YouTube.

Complete Brand Overhaul

Crafted a distinctive brand identity for Beardy White Boy, including website design, social media icons, headers, and logos, setting him apart in the crowded streaming space.

Content Creation Engine

Edited over 30 videos, encompassing both shorts and full match edits, significantly boosting Beardy White Boy's YouTube presence and viewer engagement.


Michael initiated the project with an exploratory phase, aiming to capture the essence of Beardy White Boy’s persona and the vibrancy of Fortnite. This informed the development of a visually striking website that serves as the nerve center for Beardy White Boy’s brand, embodying the energy and excitement of his streaming style. In addition, Michael designed a suite of social media assets, including icons, headers, and logos, ensuring a cohesive and memorable brand presence across platforms.

The collaboration extended into the realm of video content, where Michael’s creative direction took center stage. Over 30 videos were meticulously edited, ranging from engaging shorts that captured pivotal moments to comprehensive match edits that showcased Beardy White Boy’s gaming prowess and personality. This content strategy was designed to not only retain the existing subscriber base but also attract new viewers through high-quality, engaging videos.


The revitalization of Beardy White Boy’s brand identity and the strategic content overhaul have propelled his recognition in the gaming community. The new website has become a hub for fans and newcomers alike, offering easy access to streaming content, social media, and merchandise. Meanwhile, the enhanced YouTube content has led to increased viewer engagement, higher video views, and substantial growth in subscribers.


Michael’s comprehensive approach to brand building and content creation for Beardy White Boy has transformed him from a Fortnite streamer to a distinguished brand icon in the digital space. This case study exemplifies the pivotal role of cohesive branding and targeted content strategies in the competitive world of online streaming, highlighting Michael’s capacity to catapult clients to new heights of recognition and success.